In the beginning nobody trusted cars either

We like it when things function automatically. Or more precisely robotically. Thanks to our vehicles you will soon be able to have a shipment be delivered right to your doors and you won’t lose even a minute of your time. Do you want to relax in the park or watch over your factory? No problem. Our vision is to leave repetitive activities to robots and use human potential more efficiently.

A few words of Jan Najvárek

Automatization and robotics are my lifetime interest. I strongly believe that simple and repetitive tasks don’t belong to people but machines. Let’s dedicate human time to things, which are creative and which people enjoy!

Jan Najvárek Cofounder of Artin & Roboauto

Our vision for an autonomous tomorrow


Since May we have validated the concept of robotic Last Mile Delivery using our electromobile (still human-driven). We have been working on a prototype of the robotic vehicle of our own production and we have launched its pilot operation in the autumn.


We launch several pilot projects of teleoperated or autonomous robots in industrial areas of production plants and similar areas, where the legislation allows us for using our technology.


Start of commercial operation of our teleoperated and autonomous robots for package delivery, cargo transport in industrial sector or as vending machines.

Who drives the project forward?

Andrea Najvarkova

In BringAuto ensures executive, HR and PR. “Dreams exist so we can realize them. I am looking forward to meeting the Last Mile Delivery robot of BringAuto in front of my house.” During her last stay in the company ARTIN as an HR specialist, she was introducing unlimited holiday.

Jan Najvarek

Visionary, who never hid his passion for modern technology. After finishing studies at the Brno University of Technology in 1998 he founded the ARTIN company and two years ago BringAuto was set up under his leadership. Here he works primarily on introducing Last Mile Delivery robots into our lives.

Jan Kubalek

Honza is in love with modern C++ and penguins. Clean and simple architecture is a must. Mathematics, paper and a pen are the only things he needs – the keyboard is only for the chosen ones 🙂

Lukas Gelo

A big fan of new technologies and process automation. Kinematics, dynamics or electrical control? Not a problem! The more complex the task is, the greater the enthusiasm for solving it, although this often means long hours of further study.

Jan Zboril

An enthusiastic designer who likes to take part in a project which has great potential in the near future. Ideas, sketches, 3D models, visualization and prototypes are Honza’s strengths. He puts a lot of effort into meaningfulness and utilization of the design.

Safe software which can do more than simply drive from point A to point B.

Our solution is built on high quality software. Its implementation into individual vehicles contains the following functions:

  • great communication with customer
  • online tracking of the shipment
  • notification with accurate time of arrival
  • possibility of changing the time or place of delivery (with possibility of monetization of this flexibility)
  • central solution for your fleet supervision, online location tracking, state of robot, travel plan
  • robust possibility of vehicle teleoperation from the headquarters using mobile networks 4G and 5G allowing optimal utilization of drivers
  • autonomous robot control using digital route map and recognition of obstacles and pedestrians
  • possibility of route changes based on situation and obstacles
  • notification to the headquarters in case of problems

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