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Last Mile Delivery Robot

Robot using teleoperation is able to deliver a shipment to the designated delivery point. Available in November 2020.

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Advantages of Robotic Dispensing Boxes

  • Teleoperation system

    Remote control of the robot by an operator.

  • Effectivity

    The driver sitting at the computer can operate and remotely control more than one robot (when others are waiting for customers/shipments).

  • Ecology

    The robot runs on electricity!


  • Speed 20 km/h
  • Range 100 km
Technical Specification

Real deployment scenario

SMS notification

The customer is notified via SMS or application about the precise time of arrival of BringAuto.

Shipment delivery to the address

BringAuto controlled remotely by teleoperation will deliver the shipment to the designated address.

Handing over the shipment

The customer will come to the BringAuto, enter the code and the box with their package will open.

Our solution is built on high quality software. We will deliver:

  • great communication with the customer
  • online tracking of the shipment
  • notification with an accurate time of arrival
  • possibility of changing the time or place of delivery (with the possibility of monetization of this flexibility)
  • central solution for your fleet supervision, online location tracking, state of robot and travel plan

Our solution also contains

  • possibility of vehicle teleoperation from the headquarters using mobile networks 4G and 5G allowing optimal utilization of drivers
  • autonomous robot control using digital route map and recognition of obstacles and pedestrians
  • possibility of route changes based on situation and obstacles
  • notification to the headquarters in case of problems

Other BringAuto models

Individual models of BringAuto differ mostly in ways of utilization and there are several of them.

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