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Mobile Dispensing Boxes

An electric vehicle with a driver and 22 boxes of various sizes is just made for delivering packages to designated addresses. It can be used for last-mile delivery in city streets or technological parks. Our app containing a special algorithm is able to calculate the optimal route for the fastest distribution of the packages so the driver can effectively deliver all the packages to designated addresses in as little time as possible! In addition, our app also automatically informs recipients about the exact time BringAuto will arrive in front of their house. Running of BringAuto creates no emissions whatsoever and therefore allows it to enter city centres, where emissions are regulated. Since May 2020, BringAuto has been driving in Brno, Czech Republic, where it delivers packages from various e-shops.

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Advantages of the Mobile Dispensing Boxes

  • Increased transport efficiency

    The driver of the electric vehicle is continually moving from one address to another, where, ideally, is the recipient always already present and their shipment is located in one of the boxes – the driver is not losing any time by looking for the exact address, recipient of the shipment or the package itself.

  • Online shipment tracking

    The customer has the option to track the shipment online in real-time via a web app. This way is achieved that the time of delivery and the arrival of the customer at the set place is identical which contributes to saving time and increasing delivery efficiency.

  • Contactless delivery of the package

    Thanks to the automatization of the process of shipment pickup is the only job of the driver really just driving. There is no contact between the driver and the customer whatsoever and the process of handing over the package is completely contactless.


  • Ecology

    Thanks to the robot’s electric drive is its operation completely emission-free.


  • Lower operational costs thanks to its electric drive
  • Range up to 200 km
  • Maximum weight of shipments 200 kg
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Shipments delivery process

SMS notifications

The electric car application continuously informs the customer about the exact time of BringAuto’s arrival via SMS or notifications in the app. The SMS messages or app notifications also contain a PIN code for opening the box with the customer’s shipment.

Arrival of BringAuto at the address

The application sends its last notification on arrival, where, ideally, the customer is already waiting thanks to previous messages about the exact time of arrival.

Handing over the shipment

After entering the PIN code on the touch screen, a box with the customer’s shipment opens. After picking up the package and closing the box, the electric car continues to the next address.

Our solution is built on high quality software. We will deliver:

  • great communication with the customer
  • online tracking of the shipment
  • notification with an accurate time of arrival
  • central solution for your fleet supervision, online location tracking, state of vehicle and travel plan

Other BringAuto models

Individual models of BringAuto differ mostly in ways of utilization and there are several of them.

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