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Mobile Vending Machine

This autonomous robot is primarily designed for the sale of drinks and other small goods directly to the end customers in all public areas. Nevertheless, it can all also drive in private company premises or sell other specific products. Customers will be able to meet this robot in city parks, at festivals or in airport terminals, in short, in spaces with a bigger concentration of people. And the best thing about this robot? Customers don’t have to look for it. It will plan its way to them!

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Advantages of the Mobile Vending Machine

  • Economic operation

    The robot is autonomous and moves on its own in the given space or between the individual stands so it doesn’t need a driver nor a seller. The customer will serve themselves as it is with a classic vending machine.

  • Exceptionality

    Being innovative always makes a good advertising technique. Using robots will strengthen your brand and you will be unforgettable to your customers.

  • Positive experience

    The robot is always kind to the customers. 🙂

  • Ecology

    Thanks to the robot’s electric drive is its operation completely emission-free.



  • Possibility of teleoperation usage for remote driving of the robot to its designated area
  • Robot can be equipped with active cooling system and thus sell also refrigerated products
  • Payment by mobile phone, credit card or in cash
  • Range up to 100 km
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Real deployment scenario

Robot movement

Mobile Vending Machine filled with products can be moved between individual stands using teleoperation (remote control) or the robot moves on its own on a predetermined route in the given area using autonomous driving. Content of the dispensing boxes is arbitrary and can vary according to season or customers’ demand.

Contact with customer

If the robot is currently moving, the customer can get it to stop by waving at it. Then, the customer will choose specific goods and pay by phone, credit card or by cash.


Handing over the goods

The chosen goods are released, the customer is served and the robot continues to drive. The result is that the mountain has come to Mohammed and so customers will surely remember your products.

Our solution is built on high quality software. We will deliver:

  • central solution for your fleet supervision, online location tracking, state of the robot, travel plan
  • possibility of vehicle teleoperation from the headquarters using mobile networks 4G and 5G allowing optimal utilization of drivers
  • autonomous robot control using digital route map and recognition of obstacles and pedestrians

Our solution also contains:

  • possibility of route changes based on situation and obstacles
  • notification to the headquarters in case of any problems

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