Utilizing teleoperation, the robot will disinfect your store, factory or street. It will be available in November 2020.

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Advantages of the Sprayer

  • System of teleoperation

    Remote control of the robot by the driver (operator).

  • Effectivity

    The operator can remotely control more robots at the same time. For example, if they know that one of the robots will drive 4 km straight ahead, they can drive another one.

  • Safety

    The driver doesn’t enter a risk area, since the operator sits at a computer in an office. In this way they aren’t exposed to the risk of being infected.

  • Ecology

    The robot runs on electricity.


  • Application of disinfection can cover the floor and vertical surfaces up to 2 m
  • Speed 20 km/h
  • Range 100 km
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Real deployment scenario

Robot placing

We will drive the robot into an area or street that needs to be disinfected.


The robot follows the designated path and applies disinfection.


Set area or street is disinfected and without viruses, thus people in there aren’t endangered.

Our solution is built on high quality software. We will deliver:

  • central solution for your fleet supervision, online location tracking, state of robot, travel plan
  • possibility of vehicle teleoperation from the headquarters using mobile networks 4G and 5G allowing optimal utilization of drivers

Our solution also contains

  • autonomous robot control using digital route map and recognition of obstacles and pedestrians
  • possibility of route changes based on situation and obstacles
  • notification to the headquarters in case of problems

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