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We have turned automatization, robotics and a car into one product. We present you BringAuto. Get to know her.

Deployment options and our vision

We developed unique software and can pride ourselves on immaculate teamwork. Ideal combination.

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Main Advantages of BringAuto

100 km range

Our electric vehicles will overcome even longer routes, up to 100 km (62 miles) under ideal conditions.

Speed of 20 km/h

To maintain safety on the streets, the maximum speed is limited to 20 km/h (12.4 mph).

Zero CO2 emission

A solely electric engine ensures an emission-free operation for vehicles’ entire lifetime.

100 % safe

Thanks to the unique software we can ensure the highest level of safety of vehicle operation.

The future is now

What others think about BringAuto?

BringAuto has wide use. Innovative elements and technology make it pioneer in its field. Within the development of this project we cooperate with specialists from several areas.


Made for real deployment

Delivery Robot 1/7

Delivery Robot is an ideal choice for industrial applications. The robust and durable 4-wheel chassis comes ready for production use in industrial areas. The Delivery Robot can be used for cargo transportation and can be equipped with various forms of superstructures. The robot comes with either teleoperation (remote control) or autonomous driving.

Made for real deployment

Last Mile Delivery Robot 2/7

This autonomous robot was made for delivering shipments to end customers in city streets and technological parks. After loading the packages, the robot plans an optimal route to deliver in as little time as possible. Then, the robot distributes the shipments one by one while informing the customers of its exact arrival time. The operation of this robot (in runs on electricity) allows entry even to city centres where there are emission regulations.


Made for real deployment

Mobile Vending Machine 3/7

This autonomous robot is primarily designed for the sale of drinks and other small goods directly to the end customers in all public areas. Nevertheless, it can all also drive in private company premises or sell other specific products. Customers will be able to meet this robot in city parks, at festivals or in airport terminals, in short, in spaces with a bigger concentration of people. And the best thing about this robot? Customers don’t have to look for it. It will plan its way to them!

Made for real deployment

Sprayer 4/7

The concept of this robot was born in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its primary use lies in the disinfection of various spaces – from municipal squares, city parks and streets to production halls, airport terminals and shopping centers. As well as being deployed for disinfection purposes, the Sprayer can be also used in urban areas for watering greenery or in agriculture for fertilization and fruit picking.



Made for real deployment

Mobile Security Robot 5/7

Do you need to guard your building or the whole areal? No problem! We are aware of the fact that reliable security guards are difficult to find, expensive and there is still the possibility of human factor failure. That is why we developed this robotic helper – Security Robot. Our robotic security guard never sleeps and is on alert nonstop, so, minus the time when it is charging, it guards the grounds 24/7.


Made for real deployment

Robotic Platform 6/7

Robotic Platform is an ideal choice for R&D and any academic applications. Robust and durable 4-wheel chassis can be equipped with various forms of superstructures. Since it has its own engine and chassis which is empowered by the drive-by-wire technology, it embodies an ideal start for your robotic project. Robotic Platform also allows integration of 3rd parties.



Made for real deployment

Mobile Dispensing Boxes 7/7

An electric vehicle with a driver and 22 boxes of various sizes is just made for delivering packages to designated addresses. It can be used for last-mile delivery in city streets or technological parks. Our app containing a special algorithm is able to calculate the optimal route for the fastest distribution of the packages so the driver can effectively deliver all the packages to designated addresses in as little time as possible! In addition, our app also automatically informs recipients about the exact time BringAuto will arrive in front of their house. Running of BringAuto creates no emissions whatsoever and therefore allows it to enter city centres, where emissions are regulated. Since May 2020, BringAuto has been driving in Brno, Czech Republic, where it delivers packages from various e-shops.

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