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Mobile Security Robot

Do you need to guard your building or the whole areal? No problem! We are aware of the fact that reliable security guards are difficult to find, expensive and there is still the possibility of human factor failure. That is why we developed this robotic helper – Security Robot. Our robotic security guard never sleeps and is on alert nonstop, so, minus the time when it is charging, it guards the grounds 24/7.

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Advantages of Mobile Security Robot

  • Facility protection

    Safety always comes first — exactly by this motto works also our Security Robot, which will reliably look after your production areas or a whole shopping centre. Whether is the robot controlled remotely or is completely autonomous does not matter, not one unwanted element escapes its sensors.

  • Immediate reporting

    The robot is equipped with various sensors, microphones and cameras. This sensorial combination will capture everything that happens in the 360° vicinity of the robot and immediately reports every unknown or suspicious activity to the control centre where it also constantly projects live broadcasts from all cameras.

  • Effectivity

    Robotic security requires only one member of security services, who is also not exposed to the direct danger because they watch everything from the comfort of their office.



  • Robust and resistant design, alert systems
  • Speed 20 km/h
  • Range up to 100 km
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Real deployment scenario

Deployment of the robot

In the first phase, the robot will map the targeted area that is to be guarded using a sensorial set. This step is essential for the correct evaluation of non-standard situations.

Guarding the area

It is possible to program several scenarios in a web application, which the robot will follow. Various circuits that the robot will go through at regular intervals can be set or the robot can be sent to check on specific places at any time.

Reporting danger

When any non-standard situation comes, the robot contacts the central about the potential threat. After, the staff will evaluate the given situation and in case of danger, the robot warning system can be remotely turned on.

Our solution is built on high quality software. We will deliver:

  • central solution for your fleet supervision, online location tracking, state of robot, travel plan
  • possibility of vehicle teleoperation from the headquarters using mobile networks 4G and 5G allowing optimal utilization of drivers
  • autonomous robot control using digital route map and recognition of obstacles and pedestrians

Our solution also contains:

  • possibility of route changes based on situation and obstacles
  • notification to the headquarters in case of any problems

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